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Category "A" Hospitals

>     OPD Registration.
>     Antenatal care routine.
>     Antenatal care complicated.
>     Management of birth (Routine).
>     Management of birth (Complicated).
>     Post Natal Care.
>     Neonatal care (Routine).
>     Neonatal care referrals from existing district hospitals.
>     Diagnostic Services

Category "B" referral Hospitals

>     High-risk pregnancy as: bad obstetrics history, elderly primi /Teen/ precious pregnancy, high TSH / diabetic / hypertensive, threatened abortion, HIV/HBS Ag positive, multiple pregnancies, low lying placenta, severe anemia, C-section with prior C-section, low fetal heart rate, cord around neck, fetal distress or any other referred complicated cases.
>     Diagnostic services.
>     Any referrals from existing district hospitals.

Laboratory Tests

>     Hematology
>     Microbiology
>     Biochemistry
>     Serology & Immunology
>     Imaging
>     Basic X ray
>     3D Ultrasonography / 2D Ultrasonography

Maternity, Neonatal & Intensive Care (NICU and Obs ICU)

** No fees will be charged from the patient for provision of any type of clinical, diagnostic or support services. **